Craft Pricing Calculator

Craft Pricing Calculator

Craft Pricing Calculator

Do you ever find that you're pricing your craft and it takes forever to figure out how much materials cost? Do you ever mess up on the math? I'm here to solve all of those problems for you with this easy-to-use tool. Download my Craft Pricing Calculator today and enter in your material costs. You can then edit the file to include any materials you have. The calculator automatically calculates the totals for each item and fills

The Craft Pricing calculator is made available in Word, Excel and Numbers so you have a wide choice as to what would suit you better

Calculate the cost of each product and charge the best prices for your products. Stop losing money by working with estimates.

Just input your figures and let the calculator do the rest of the work

The calculator is fully editable so you can change the name of any of the pre populated materials fields to suit your business.​​​​

Only available as a digital download (Zip File)

You get the Numbers, Word and Excel versions



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